Saturday, 9 May 2009

Brainstorming More Titles For This Hubpage Challenge

I have really been getting into this hubpage challenge and it hasn't even started yet, I have been brainstorming more possible topics to write about and have come up with a good idea.

One good idea for this challenge

To write them in sections or blocks of 10 or 20, this way I could possibly write them in sets of 10 and those 10 for instance could be related in topic somehow, making it easer to transition from one to the other. and so this challenge shoud flow quite well.

After reading the seozombie post and the comments I am pretty confident that I won't write anything spammy as I like to write anyway and currently what I have planned are movie reviews, how to draw monsters and other fantasy stuff, aswell as some miscellaneous topics along the way.

This is going to be a good project to get into as it will get me motivated to write more.


  1. Yeah I am doing something similar - using the capstone hub idea and seeing how effective it is. I blogged about it here - you haven't got the option to add my url to the comment :-)

  2. Great stuff Lissie Great minds think alike!!

    I will be sorting this blog out, once I have done the works on my hubpages!!